The doctor announces that you are at risk of getting diabetes or perhaps you already have it. The first thought that comes to mind is “Wow! Welcome, boring life.” As they guide you through the changes you have to make in your life, your mind wanders to all the lovely food you have to give up and the activities you will now cease to partake in. Your mood drops and you just want to get your medications and leave the office.

If these are your thoughts well then let me add a new one, you can have your cake and eat it, literally!

A diabetic life does not have to be boring and bland. You have a life to live and it still has much excitement. No, I am not talking about supplements or promoting a certain sugary medicine. It’s about the real stuff: the actual sugar and candy! The key to living a sugary diabetic life is moderation and combinations. However, let us set some of the assumptions right first.

You cannot have any sugar

This is an outright lie. You can have sugar, just not as you used to take it. The solution is to plan beforehand what you will eat and incorporate some sugar in your diet. What you must avoid is taking spontaneous treats because chances are that you will consume more sugar if you do so.

Stick to proteins in your meals

Proteins are important for the diabetic but your diet should not contain too much of them. Your body, diabetic or not, can only take a certain amount of protein and too much of it especially the animal protein is bad for you. What you need is a balanced and healthy diet.

There are special meals for you

Much marketing is out there stressing there are certain special food for the diabetic. The advertisements are not a lie but they are not entirely true also. The simply combine what your body needs and place them in a pack and charge extra. They have no extra benefit to the individual just know your nutrition needs and assemble them in the diet.  Keep a healthy and balanced diet full of fibers and vegetables.

No carbs and very little calories

Despite the fact that carbs add your weight, which is a risk factor in diabetes, you do not have to cut on them completely. As stated above, the key is to have a balanced meal. Include the 3 main food groups and you will be fine.

Now that you know what your diet requires, I am sure you are very eager to know how to incorporate sugar in your diet without placing yourself at risk. Here it is, folks!5 ways to include sugar into your diet

Do not eat sweets and sugar stuff alone: Make them part of your meal. Eating them as a snack alone will cause you to get high blood sugar. When you take them as your meal, for example raisins in your salad, your body will adjust accordingly.

Choose carbohydrates or sugar: In your diet, you have to choose between one of them. On the days, you are having dessert, lower greatly the amount of carbohydrates you take. Both sugar and carbs contribute to blood sugar so having them both will place you at risk. Again, do not use this trick daily. Have days for the pasta and others for the dessert

Fat is good for you: When mentioning fat, this is not the kind found in fries and donuts. It is the healthy fat in yoghurt and nuts. You may want to keep away from fatty foods, but you should not. Indulge in fat occasionally but make sure it is healthy. Fats slow digestion making your body absorbs sugar slowly. Rapid absorption results in high blood sugar.

Get sugar substitutes in meals: If a recipe calls for sugar, use vanilla extract instead. Alternatively reduce the amount of sugar required by half then add flavors like cinnamon and nutmeg to give the food a great taste.

Keep hydrated: When we feel weak, our body demands for blood sugar making you desire the treats. When you drink a lot of water, you reduce the desire to eat too much sugar. Regain your energy by adding some little juice or taking flavored water.